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this page to explain  the Italian Refinance mortgage procedure 


If you are  interested  in getting a surroga-mortgage in Italy to refinance your old Italian real estate mortgage ,  

Ugo  acting on your behalf - via power of attorney -  helps you to get a no stress and competitive interest rate Italian Real Estate mortgage to  refinance your's old mortgage in Italy ,  apply a mortgage request, open a bank account at  the Italian bank , sign a Mortgage contract with the Italian bank,  sign fire insurnce , sign a Life insurance if requested by bank .


Please Note ,   Request of Mortgage in Italy is possible for foreigners of any nationality , included : American, English,  Latvian , Honk Kong and Singapore  citizens, Australian, German,  Belgian, French, Swiss, Canadian, Chinese, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian,Czech,  and many other nationalities.  

 Some good reasons to use the Ugo services 

Non-Italian who planning to refinance the old , rate expensive , Italian real estate mortgage , do not speak  Italian language and do not know the Italian bureaucracy ,  so , very often , find themselves embarrassed in front of the most basic procedures related to the purchase of a house in Italy and also to take out a mortgage . 

Italian banks, for their part, which do not allow the translation of the text of the mortgage  agreement , and the contract for the opening of the bank account , forcing, in fact, borrowers who do not understand the Italian language, to give a power of attorney to a person who understands the Italian language, which signs the loan agreement, in their stead .

During the procedure for obtaining a mortgage, the borrower is often called upon to put signatures, always on texts in Italian. And also he will be contacted by the bank surveyor , who almost never speaks a language different from Italian, to make the expertise required  by the bank , on the house to which he was asked for the mortgage-refinancing , the appraiser will ask for a meeting .





Ugo , acting on your behalf - via power of attorney -will at your place , whenever your presence is required . According with bank  will find a notary public, who may speak English,  will sign all those annoying documents in Italian, but always after have explained to you is written on . Require to you the list of all your financial document and information relating to the property, ask all documents of the house , that the bank require, will agree with the bank surveyor, for all his visits to Italy in your home.  Sign the mortgage request , the mortgage contract , the insurances contracts, the contract for the opening of the current account.

Ugo  finding the translator able to swear at an Italian court, the translation of all your income documents, if required by the bank for your mortgage. Make for you all texts of attorney necessary to sign the  mortgage (Surroga) contract , and maybe send you these texts already translated into the your language ( all languages) , in Word format, in such a way that no secretary of any notary , do write errors.

Ugo also can help you to do all the documentation to apply for residency Elective in Italy necessary to have many allowances in Italy and pay taxes, lower, on the surroga-mortgage.


Ugo's services you pay in three  times :


1 > at starting  you pay a fixed fee , to pay the availability of telecommunication lines necessary to receipt  your documents, the texts for the proxyes necessary  for the execution of the mortgage procedure , checking of it 

2 > When the Mortgage application to be submitted to bank  . To pay :  checking of all yours financial documents , property documents, old mortgage contract , provide the texts for the proxyes necessary  for the execution of the mortgage request and signature , domiciliary expenses for Bank Application signature in force of the Proxy , collection of all documents from the old bank , support to the bank survejor .

3 > When the Bank issue the Delibera and before signature of the surroga-Mortgage , to pay the balance of the services ,  for  : managing relationships with the notary , make all signatures in force of the Proxy , particularly for : opening of the current bank account with an italian bank , find and sign a healt insurance needed for italian residence asking ( not eu citizens only) .


Ugo give you the full calculation of  the required fees , together the services feasibility form reply . 



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It is recommended to non Italian citizens, who wishes to refinance  a mortgage in Italy, with low duty, to request the Italian residence - permit to stay -,  on  his italian  property . 


For guideline to  italian residence , please >> clik here <<


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SURROGA-Mortgage to not Italian's ,  can be from 10 to 30 years.


The Surroga-Real Estate Mortgage in Italy can be given , on properties with no other mortgage from any other bank , to natural  peoples in good credit standing , who are at least 18  years of age and not older than 65  years  , the applicant must not be aged over 76  years  when the mortgage expires . 




1> To submit mortgage request to the bank , is needed real estate cadrastal data . For Refinancing (Surroga) mortgage : Property Ownership document (atto di acquisto - purchasing Deed ), habitability  certification issued by commune offices, Old Mortgage contract and Nota di  Trascrizione is required

2 > The value of  your property is determined by an expert's report issued by the bank's technician, this valuation has values in agreement with the current real estate market, which, in some cases, is lower than the market values in force at the time the loan to be replaced was received (subrogation operation) .




According Italian laws,  the borrower can  pay off  the 

Surroga-Mortgage at any time ,


  No pay off  penality is needed for  

Surroga-Mortgage in Italy 




The time needed to make the Surroga-Mortgage in Italy process is about 60 working days ; the grant are subject by the bank approval.


The Mortgage in Italy  contract is writted in Italian Language , if  the borrower is unable to read and understand Italian Language, a court-approved interpreter is provided by Notary  (official - similar to Solicitor - autorized to undertake authentication of contracts including sale and mortgage of private properties ),  some banks allow the Mortgage in Italy application and contract signature by an attorney  Italian language speaking , with Proxy power signed by borrower . 


Note , the proxy power is a legal instrument authorizing one to act as another's attorney or agent , the proxy , signed by borrower, as to issued in Italy by an Italian  notary or , if issued not in Italy , notarized by a public notary and apostilled  .





Italian Refinance Mortgage Tax and Expenses

Mortgage fees 


You pay directly :

1) NO Notary fees  (are payed by the bank )

2) Ugo's  services 


You will be taken out , from the Mortgage amount, by bank :


1)  NO Italian Mortgage registry  

2)  NO Bank fees

3)  NO Bank survejor expert's report  (are payed by the bank )

4)  Home fire insurance , issued by bank 

5)  Life Surance (some banks) 





Fixed interest rate is freezed at mortgage contract signature and remain freezed for all mortgage duration . The fixed Interest is the sum by the Bank Spread on the term of the mortgage in year (duration) , added to Eurirs correspondant , working at the date of mortgage contract signature. 

Variable interest rate  vary month by month according Euribor monthly basis . The variable interest rate is the sum by the Bank Spread on the term of the mortgage in year (duration) , added to Euribor correspondant , working at the date of mortgage contract signature. 



Surroga-Mortgage in Italy Process


Ugo asks your  coordinates , required services , Italian Real Estate Mortgage Refinancing amount  , then  mail back to you his application .


You sign it, pay the fixed duty and send it back  , as an e-mail attachment or via fax. 


Into the next 24 hours , you receive the  documents list and related requirements .


Note : you can send all documents copy  as .pdf  (Acrobat)  files attachments , or via Fax . YET the Bank application signature is required in original . Banks allow proxy to perform this signature. 


Ugo directly contact , on your behalf  , the Notary where you sign the old mortgage and property purchasing , to collect all required documents , as : Property purchasing act , Mortgage contract ,  Mortgage Nota di Trascrizione  . 

According to the documents analisys results and to the italian property location, the mortgage request is submited  to the Bank.


NOTE > The Italian  bank , to accept yours mortgage application , requires :


a> an expertise on the property ( at this time for some banks) , performed by theyr survejor and payed by bank  

b> the Proxy , that allows to Ugo to operate in your name.


In about 60 working days from the signed application reception, the bank make documents analisys and , if all is ok,  issue the " Delibera Favorevole  "  , this is a bank  Mortgage offer subject to reception of  the Relazione Notarile Preliminare ( Checking on the property maked by a Notary )  and Bank survejor expertise  (at this time for some banks)

Within  about seven working days  , the Italian Mortgage contract is Notary charged by bank for  signature and Italian's offices registration .


The payment of the Italian Mortgage for the Refinancing  , will be made , directly to old mortgage bank .



For have a first feasibility of  The Real Estate Mortgage Refinance in Italy 

that you are able to bear


>> Fill and send this form to Ugo <<


The Italian Mortgage grant , is subject by a finally  bank approval 



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