To Non-Italians for buy , restore , refinance

residential properties , in Italy



List of Documents which may be required 

to ask  

An Italian Mortgage   



  you will receive the list of documents necessary to prepare the mortgage you requested.



Borrowers :

- Copy of passport (page with photo, number, expiration date-in color only )

- Copy of Birth certificate (only for woman that change their maiden name )

- Copy of  Certificato del codice fiscale (Italian fiscal code number) , You can have it  by the Italian's Embassy or Consulate in your country - or we can provide it for you to an italian tax office 

Note : >> married women should only use their maiden names <<

- Copy of divorce contract and agreement (if existing)

- Certification regarding marriage tax situation (separation of property if applicable)

- Copy of the last two years individual  income tax return  or Inland tax revenues , or P60 or Certificat de Salaire or Lohnausweis für Steuererklärung , or  equivalent module which you declare your yearly income for pay the taxes on your country,   

- Copy of job contract, or a regular employment declaration issued by a payroll technician  or job director (employees)

- Copy of the last three months pay slips  (employees)

- SELF EMPLOYED ONLY : statement issued by an Certified Accountant (on headed notepaper) confirming nature of  business and regular payment of income tax over previous three  years

- Copy of  last six last months bank account statement   on bank paper -  ( and company , for  officials with legal liability for the company )

- Reference letter issued by  your bank , with general information , for all your  bank account  >> here the  guideline txt <<

- Reference letter issued by the bank or  the financial  company , for all existing mortgage/Loan/Car Leasing >> here the guideline txt <<

- Full Credit Bureau or  Credit Report + Credit Rating , issued from not more than 10 days   

- Italian Bank account contract or available statement , with IBAN code  (request by italian bank for direct debit charge )

- Copy of funds certification (if existing), pension retirement, share .

- Copy of all other Loan, Mortgage, car or other Leasing contracts, with Payment receipt of  the past three monthly .

- Copy of  home registry certification for all yours properties outside the italy (Deed of sale of the property ), particularly for your living home , with two photo and plans

- Regarding your living (residence) situation , if  you live :

1.)  in a rented house or  apartment , provide a rent contract with receipt of the past two monthly rent payments

2.)  in a owned house or  aparment , provide copy of  registry certificate (Deed of sale of  the property )


NOTE : more documents can to be request , according Italian bank enquiry


Italian property :


If  your seller , need from you a compromesso signature  , and you do not will take a purchasing obligation before have the  mortgage approval from the bank ,  you can use this


>>  compromesso specimen <<


- Seller's  title of property (Atto di provenienza)

- Property visura catastale , issued  by Ufficio del Territorio, not older than 10 days

- Home plan rilievo catastale , issued  by Ufficio del Territorio, not older than 10 days

Note : the HOME must be certified as residential ( ex rural homes newly certified as residential are acceptable)  

- Land Property planimetria catastale , issued  by Ufficio del Territorio, not older than 10 days

- For restoration  ONLY : architect or surveyor (plan designer ) , coordinates

- Three outside + three inside property photo , or three Plot photo

- For building : plot color + licenza ediliza (building permission issued by the commune offices)

- For restoration : DIA , SCIA, Licenza Edilizia  



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