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If you can dream , and not make dream your master

(Se, by Rudyard Kipling )

For 16 years , Ugo worked with clients from all over the world in search of mortgages in Italy , for foreign nationals, not-italian citizens, Italians with income from outside the Italy , offering its clients the best mortgage possible . Ugo offer a comprehensive service rigth from the beginning all the way trougth to completion day and amuch more, the full package includes the assistance in order to receive : the tax code, the residence in Italy, the italian bank account, the health insurance for non-residents in Italy, the life insurance in Italy, the italian home insurance. Ugo then will be your guide to undestrand and comply with the italian bureaucracy and to looking in Italy to for a notary, a lawyer, an architect, a surveyor, able to understand the English language

If you are non italians citizens, or italian citizens living outside the Italy ,and find a house, a casale, a villa or a restored farmhouse in Italy country , and historic buildings or apartment in medieval and renaissance cities or in the Italian countryside, if you will building yours dream house in Italy, and need to get an Italian mortgage : Ugo , The Italian Mortgage Advisor based in Italy from 1998, can help you in a "get a mortgage in Italy as non italian" from an italian bank to buy, purchase, renovate,restore, build , rebuild ,refinance : your's Italian Property, houses, ruines, real estate in Italy , granted in according with yours repayment means and times . At most available competitive rates .

Ugo can help you to find , in Italy : Second Home Mortgage , Mortgages to buying ,Restore mortgages, refinancing restoration, refinancing Mortgages, Italy Loans,No Deposit Mortgage, No Pay off penalityes Mortgage, Fixed and variable interest rate Mortgage, Only interest Mortgage, Improvements Mortgages payable in advancing, Mixed interest rate Mortgages,Ruines rebuilding mortgage, mortgage to refinance and restore .

Please NOTE : Ugo can help to get the Italian Mortgages , foreigners of any nationality , included Russian ,American, English , Latvian , Honk Kong and Singapore citizens, Australian, German, Dutch, Belgian, French, Swiss, Canadian, Chinese, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, and many other nationalities.

If you need an Italian Mortgage to refinance your's old Real Estate Mortgage in Italy, or are interested in purchasing , renovate or restore a italian property, Real Estate, Villa, Apartment, Ugo can help you to find the Italian Mortgage that is rigth for you. If you choose a property or farmhouse that needs to restore or rebuild , Ugo can help you with the Italian Mortgages to buy+restore . Non-Italians who come to Italy to buy or restructuring or build a property, often do not know important facts, such as which facilities are nearby, local zoning and other laws limiting building or restructuring on the site, or the average cost of restructuring, can to find in Ugo an " excellent intermediary beetwen non Italian buyer and the many potential obstacles which the Italian/european legal and finacial institutions interpose"

Realize today your dream to live in Italy, with an Italian Mortgage , provided by Ugo , and tomorrow you may discover that you have also made an excellent investment. Ask those who have already availed themselves of its services, to tell you, their experience with Ugo , click on Ugo's clients say , above on this page

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